We Are Crawford Square!


We are Crawford Square all people of Savannah. When ever there is a disaster we are quick to say Savannah came together to overcome this dilemma because that's what we do. That's what makes the city so unique it was an effort to take care of it. From the very beginning, the 20 clergy man who set down in peaceful negotiations for the things we needed to go fourth after freedom. The right to an education, to protection and right to own property. Obviously, our clergy man and leaders knew what we needed. God has been good ....look at us now!! With all we went through with Irma we were blessed to have something to lose. I don't know about you but freedom gave me everything I needed. It gave me hope, for that I am thankful. The freedom to know Gods word. 

In the institution of slavery, black and white were brutal we would've never gone into slavery if there weren't other blacks helping. Slavery in America, very well may have been a white institute but not all whites agreed with slavery of any people Because they were smart enough to understand as long as slavery exist as an institution they as a person could never be free because they understood slavery came in many forms.  you took the help of God into a three white men and women to abolish slavery in America. Violence  would use to enslave us and The pamphlet of Wally Lynch. Now here we are  in slavery again. Only this time we can't say it's the white man this time our seeds I'm not being thrown overboard in the passage. This time we are being enslaved by our own youth and our leaders.

It's called black on black crime and gang violence. How does the kids learn how to be a gang member? How to act within a gang?
What you do to maintain the structure of the gang? 
They learn from the churches, the Public schools, Law-enforcement and Local governments. 
Our youth and citizens are watching the way we respect each other. All departments have to stop bullying each other. That's the only way we are going to stop the violence. If the problem is within our society or within our culture it's our responsibility to stop it. e work together to build  so why wouldn't we work together to save it. Savannah comes together because we are Savannah we are Crawford Square. When you think about what's going on Crawford Square is at the Cord of this community. Tell me.....do you see us caring for each other or killing each other. Crawford Square can stop the violence and bullying in Savannah. There are so many resources available to our youth and services to educate them in areas of mutual respect and positive thinking. All departments mentioned agree The attitude - the matter in which we deal with each other needs fixing. Start with the Churches - it always starts with God then Education 150 years ago thank God for Beach high school - We Are Crawford Square!!!